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If the FIS Remote Computer Services Server is accepting connections, the code page will appear below.
If it is offline, a page not found or can't be displayed or timed out error may be displayed.
How to create a Session:

A client can create a temporay session above under their name above if the server is online (PC users).

  • Click on the arrow beside Start a new session.
  • Enter your name and click on start session.
  • This runs the temporary session program.  
  • The program may be exited by right clicking and exiting on the FISRS icon near the clock.

A technician can then connect afterwards to attend to the issue raised via email or telephone.

Some Google Chrome users have reported issues running the temporary program. Try another browser if that's the case for you.

For Samsung android mobile devices, the client needs to install a compatible connector program from the Google Play store.

FIS Remote Computer Services allows a technician to access, administer, troubleshoot and maintain your I.T. equipment remotely through our internally hosted server using encrypted protocols and more on casual or regular basis.

This increases productivity by removing traveling time for an on site visit allowing the user to get back to work sooner.

With the remote PC login details, this can allow work to be done outside hours or even weekends by arrangement.

Log files record any file transfers, connections, timestamps, messages and notes.

For those interested in ongoing managed services, please feel free to contact us with details of your needs, or we can contact you.

FIS Remote Computer Services. Providing full support to clients in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and the Sunshine Coast - and the areas in between.

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FIS Remote Computer Services is a divison of First Integrated Company Pty Ltd.
FIS is proud to partner with Connectwise and Elsinore Technologies in the provisioning of the remote technologies used with our internal server.
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